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  • The average US food product travels 1,500 miles before it ever reaches our plates.

  • Animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. 


USDA Certified Organic products need to show that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances and pesticides. 

According to the Smithsonian, three-quarters of the world’s coffee farms destroy habitats to grow coffee in the sun. Certified Bird Friendly coffee is grown in shade that preserves habitat for birds and other wildlife. 

Certified Naturally Grown is very similar to USDA Certified Organic, but according to their website, “the main our certification model, which relies on peer inspections, transparency, and direct relationships.”


GRA recognizes Animal Welfare Approved, American Grassfed, American Humane Association, Certifed Humane, and Global Animal Partnership 4, 5, and 5+.

Sustainable seafood is either caught or farmed in a way that ensures the long-term viability of a certain species and doesn’t negatively affect the ocean. The GRA recognizes sustainable seafood that is favorably listed by: Monterey Bay Aquarium, ASC Certified, OceanWise, and MSC Certified. 



  • Bycatch: unwanted fish and other marine creatures caught while fishing for a different species

  • Overfishing: depleting the stock of fish in a body of water by too much fishing

  • Bottom trawling: a destructive & industrial method of fishing which uses large weighted nets that are dragged along the ocean floor


  • Purchase products with one of the above sustainability certifications

  • Purchase local (100 miles), regional (300 miles), or within a 400-mile radius

  • Serve smaller portions

  • Add more vegetarian and vegan main dishes to your menu

  • Find Certified Green Products Here

  • Check out our Sustainable Food Standards to learn more

  • Become a Certified Green Restaurant®

  • Dine at a Certified Green Restaurant®

  • Encourage your favorite restaurant to become a Certified Green Restaurant®

  • Download the Seafood Watch App to see which fish are more sustainable to eat

  • Choose menu items that are lower on the food chain.  For example, vegan, vegetarian and sustainable fish instead of beef and chicken