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  • Michael Oshman

Texas A&M Gains A Second 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®

3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® Commons Dining Hall has taken 43 environmental steps and earned over 220 GreenPoints™. The dining hall at Texas A&M has implemented several measures to reduce their waste. Along with recycling and composting, Commons Dining Hall recycles grease, offers students reusable dishes in house, and does not offer disposable straws.

Commons Dining Hall has also decreased their water waste by installing ultra-high-efficiency toilets, reusing greywater for irrigation, and storing rain water. In the Energy category, the dining hall has a cool roof system that reflects solar light back into the atmosphere. In addition, occupancy sensors, LED lamps, and exhaust hoods with variable frequency can be found in Commons Dining Hall. With over 55% vegetarian and vegan main meals, sustainable meal options are also available to diners.

“I applaud Commons Dining Hall on their dedication to reducing their environmental impact,” said Michael Oshman, CEO and founder of the Green Restaurant Association. “By gaining a second 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®, Texas A&M is proving it’s possible for any college or university to change their environmental footprint right now.”

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