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  • Michael Oshman

Green in the Time of Pandemic

For those restaurants who can reopen, much will be different.  Many restaurants will no longer have bulk condiments, salt, pepper, and creamer.  Some buffets will pre-package food in disposable containers.  This move can create a lot more waste; but, it doesn't have to be a long-term setback. If you are considering or required to make such moves, commit to returning to less disposables once the health crisis subsides.  In the meantime, it is a great time to make the changes that are feasible in the current crisis, such as:

1. Place a QR code in the entrance of your restaurant and at each table which sends the menu to people's phones. It's contactless and does not require the purchasing of tablets or printing of menus.

2. Ensure your napkins, bags, bathroom tissues, take-out containers, and any other items you purchase are made from high post-consumer recycled material. For bowls and food trays, check out Wow Plastics.  For guest checks, check out the National Checking Company. For hot cups, check out Active Difference.  For napkins, check out Essity.  For take-out containers, check out Westrock's Foldpak, Active Difference, and Wow Plastics.  For cleaners, check out Sci-Tech. See all their Certified Green Products™.

3. Only offer water and bread upon request rather than automatically serving them. This saves money and environmental resources.  

4. Recycle any disposable gloves you might be using through Terracycle and other programs.

5. Integrate more vegan and vegetarian menus items.

6. See all of our standards for more ideas. 

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