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  • Michael Oshman

GRA Launches New Green Employee Accreditation

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

15 million people now work in the American re


staurant industry alone.  The GRA is launching an education and green employee accreditation program.  Restaurant employees can go to our free environmental education section and learn about the restaurant industry's impact and solutions regarding food, energy, waste, water, disposables, chemicals, and building. Once they have studied this section, they can apply to take the employee accreditation test, which is only $20.  If they pass the test, they will become a Green Restuarant Accredited Employee.  Each GRAE will receive a Certificate and can use this on their resume.   By sending tens of thousands of Green Restuarant Accredited Employees into restaurants around the country, it will hasten the greening of the industry.  To get started today, click here today.

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