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  • Michael Oshman

Chauncey's Choice Ditches Disposables

Congratulations to Chauncey’s Choice at Coastal Carolina University on becoming the first collegiate restaurant in South Carolina to earn a 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant®! Chauncey’s held an event last week to celebrate this great environmental accomplishment.

“Coastal Carolina University is committed to a pathway around sustainability. We are committed to serving sustainably sourced meals that are not only nutritious but delicious to power Teal Nation each and every day,” said Jeremy Monday, Senior Director of Campus Environments.

During their certification process, Chauncey’s Choice cut out all disposables and started offering a reusable program to students. Students use reusable to-go containers to bring food with them out of the dining hall, and then bring the container back the next time they go. The dining hall also offers a reusable mug program, where students can purchase a university tumbler and refill it for free at any dining hall or use their own bottle and refill it for $1. The campus dining hall composts food waste, offers almost 30% vegetarian meals, and serves about 25% vegan meals.

Michael T. Benson, President of Coastal Carolina University, spoke to fellow members of Coastal Carolina University at the event. He offered his congratulations and excitement, saying “This has been a team effort and it’s in so many ways the manifestation of the hard work of a lot of different people. I’m so proud of the fact that we’re a leader once again.”

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