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Junior Restaurant Sustainability Consultant

The GRA Junior Restaurant Sustainability Consultant will help restaurants in North America identify and implement new environmental steps across the GRA’s seven environmental categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Disposables, Chemicals, Food, and Building Materials.


The primary responsibility of the Sustainability Consultant will be to help restaurants proceed through the process of becoming Certified Green Restaurants®. This will include performing initial environmental assessments to determine restaurants’ baselines in relationship to the Green Restaurant Association’s environmental standards.  Following initial audits, the consultant will determine the appropriate steps to help restaurants meet the GRA’s certification standards. The consultant will work directly with vendors to determine the availability of new products and services. Once restaurants become certified, the consultant will provide educational tools for restaurant staff and customers and assist restaurants in taking any desired further steps to improve their environmental impact.


The GRA Restaurant Sustainability Consultant position is a unique opportunity for someone with a strong background in sustainability and client management.



  • Project Management: responsible for managing over one hundred restaurants at varying stages of the process towards becoming Certified Green Restaurants®

  • Review invoices, pictures, videos, and other forms of documentation that clients submit to demonstrate their environmental accomplishments

  • Work with vendors to determine environmental solutions they offer

  • Step Strategy: work with restaurants to determine the best next steps to reach certification

  • Research products to determine environmental merits

  • Create educational and technical reports for restaurants



  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Responsible project management skills

  • Experience with data analysis

  • Attention to detail

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Understanding of relevant sustainability issues

  • Self-motivated

  • Flexible

  • Ability to take direction and work independently

  • Team-Player

  • High Level of Integrity and Honesty



  • Job Type: Full-Time

  • Location: Remote

  • Salary: Commensurate with Experience




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