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  • Michael Oshman

Avoid Greenwashing With a Third-Party Certification

Here is a story of a restaurant which thought it was composting successfully… but wasn’t… until the Green Restaurant Association identified the problem and fixed it. One of the Green Restaurant Association’s Senior Sustainability Consultants was working with a Certified Green Restaurant® in training its staff to compost correctly. The restaurant thought they had been taking a great environmental step by composting food waste. The GRA Consultant reached out to the composting company to confirm their food waste was being picked up regularly and being turned into compost. The compost company informed our Consultant that the composters were very rarely able to accept the compost from the restaurant due to contamination. With this information, our Consultant was able to help the restaurant set up a plan with its staff and the composting hauler to ensure successful composting. After the plan was in place, the GRA Consultant verified with the composting company that the food waste bin was no longer being contaminated by other waste. Once the GRA Consultant received this confirmation from the composter, the GRA credited the restaurant with completing this step.

Third-party certification through the Green Restaurant Association can ensure the environmental steps your restaurant is already taking are working correctly. Our consultants can also suggest additional sustainability measures to help your restaurant become more sustainable.

To become a Certified Green Restaurant® and connect with a sustainability consultant, click here.

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