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  • Michael Oshman

Assisted Living Facilities Driving Green Dining in Healthcare

When you think about Certified Green Restaurants®, you might think of a nice café, a prestigious restaurant, or a university dining hall. But, do you think of assisted living facilities? Now you should.  

Seabury Life and Immanuel Lutheran Communities are leaders in green dining in the healthcare industry. 

Seabury Life 

4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® The Bistro at Seabury Life in Bloomfield, CT has earned 300.62 GreenPoints™ by implementing 70 environmental steps. This restaurant is significantly saving energy with over 87% LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and a geothermal heat pump. This restaurant also uses reusable take-out containers, has on-site back of house composting, and offers bulk condiments for dine-in customers. 

Immanuel Lutheran 

Certified Green Restaurants® Buffalo Hill Terrace and The Skilled Care Center have collectively implemented 84 environmental steps to earn 204.51 GreenPoints™. These restaurants are both composting pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste, not using chemical sanitizer in dish machines, and have weatherstripping. 


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