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  • Michael Oshman

Think Outside the Restaurant

You may know there are a lot of environmental steps that you can take inside your restaurant, but it’s time to think outside the restaurant! There are plenty of sustainable changes you can take on the exterior of your restaurant that can reduce your restaurant’s ecological footprint.

In Your Parking Lot

  • Encourage your employees and customers to carpool or use alternative fuel vehicles by offering preferred parking – up to 2 GreenPoints™

  • Install a car charging station to promote electric car use – up to 5 GreenPoints™

  • Use permeable pavement in your parking lot. This collects rainwater and runoff, which helps to lessen water pollution – up to 7.75 GreenPoints™

  • Prevent extra vehicle exhaust by installing a No Idling sign. Car exhaust is harmful to human health and the environment. – 1 GreenPoint™

  • Support cleaner transportation by installing a bike rack – 1 GreenPoint™

Water Conservation

  • Collect rain for irrigation purposes by purchasing a rain barrel – 4.25 GreenPoints™

  • Plant native plants. Native plants are adapted to local ecosystems, so they require far less water – 3 GreenPoints™

On-site Food Production

Planting a garden on-site can increase your local food offerings on your menu. On average, food travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate. Whether it’s just herbs or a full vegetable garden, you will be reducing your menu’s carbon footprint. Your restaurant can earn 1 GreenPoint™ for on-site food production.

Limit Light Pollution

Light pollution can negatively affect animals such as bats, turtles, and birds. Earn 1.5 GreenPoints™ by using covered outdoor lights or directional lights in your parking lot to reduce your restaurant’s light pollution.

Cool Roof

Cools roofs use roofing products that absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight than traditional roofs. Installing a cool roof could help your restaurant save money and energy. Cool roofs can earn your restaurant 3.75 GreenPoints™.

Thinking outside your restaurant offers unique solutions to go green! To learn more, visit

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