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  • Michael Oshman

University of Houston Donates a Ton of Food

3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® Moody Towers and 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® Cougar Woods at University of Houston have implemented weekly food donations. Collectively, these Certified Green Restaurants® donated 2,092 pounds of food to Second Servings Houston in September alone. Each restaurant earned 10 GreenPoints™ for this step. 


Donating extra food to a food bank is a great way to reduce your restaurant’s food waste! Along with food bank donations, Cougar Woods has grease recycling, electronics recycling, appliance recycling, and back of house and front of house composting to further reduce its waste. Moody Towers reduces its waste with more than 80% bulk packaging for in-house condiments and reusable plates, cutlery, glasses, and mugs in their cafeteria. 


Learn more about University of Houston’s Certified Green Restaurants® here: 

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