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  • Michael Oshman

Reduce Packaging Waste with New Certified Green Service™ Free Flow Wines

Congrats to Free Flow Wines on its Certified Green Service™ certification! Free Flow Wines is a wine kegging service that provides restaurants with keg leasing, filling, and logistics to help them serve wine by the glass in a more sustainable manner than glass bottles and plastic kegs. One 19.5L Steel Keg eliminates 26 empty wine bottles, corks, labels & cardboard boxes from going to the landfill or being recycled. One steel keg can be reused for 30+ years. Restaurants can earn 3 GreenPoints™ towards Certified Green Restaurant® status by working with Free Flow Wines. This service is certified under the GRA reusable container certification standard.  

“With green washing running rampant, Free Flow identified the need to have our sustainability credentials verified by a respected 3rd party. The GRA certifying our reusable kegging services as more sustainable than single-use glass bottles and plastic kegs is an important milestone towards making wines by-the-glass more sustainable. We are proud to have our services recognized for helping the wine and hospitality communities reduce their carbon footprint and waste,” notes Barclay Webster, VP of Business Development at Free Flow Wines. 


Learn more about Free Flow Wines here: 


Or check out their website: 

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