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  • Michael Oshman

First Steakhouse to Earn 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® Status

Arizona Steakhouse at the Grand Canyon is the first steakhouse to earn 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® status from the Green Restaurant Association. With 100% LED lighting, pre-consumer composting, and greywater reuse for plumbing, Arizona Steakhouse has earned 311.37 GreenPoints™ by implementing 106 environmental steps since they became a Certified Green Restaurant® in 2018. 

Arizona Steakhouse is making significant strides in saving energy with an Energy Star fryer, convection oven, computer, and printer, as well as an energy recovery dishwasher. This Certified Green Restaurant® also offsets 25% of their annual electricity use with Green-e Energy Certified Green Wind Power. Arizona Steakhouse reduces their waste by recycling grease, batteries, electronics, corks, and construction waste.


Every restaurant has its own set of hurdles to overcome when embracing environmental sustainability. Any restaurant, from steakhouses to vegan restaurants, can embark on a sustainability journey by working with the Sustainability Consultants at the GRA to create a tailored sustainability plan that focuses on key areas of improvement while maintaining the integrity of the restaurant. Discover how your restaurant can become a Certified Green Restaurant® and make a positive impact on the environment. 


Learn more about Arizona Steakhouse's environmental steps here:

Or check out their website:  

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