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  • Michael Oshman

4 Star Certified Green Caterer™ Relish Catering Increases Sustainability by 43% Over 8 Months

The GRA is thrilled to announce that Relish Catering in Rockville, MD has earned 4 Star Certified Green Caterer™ certification, only the third caterer in the world to achieve this accomplishment. Relish Catering began their sustainability journey with the GRA in April of 2023. Upon initial certification as a 3 Star Certified Green Caterer™, Relish earned 180 GreenPoints™. Through working with their GRA Sustainability Consultant, Relish Catering implemented further sustainability steps to reach 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® status only eight months later, increasing their sustainability by 43% to earn over 315 GreenPoints™.  

This is a fantastic accomplishment that signifies Relish Catering’s dedication to sustainability. From implementing energy-saving equipment such as Energy Star qualified appliances to serving over 44% vegan and vegetarian main dishes, Relish Catering has taken impactful steps to reduce their environmental impact. With low-flow aerators on sinks, Relish Catering is saving enough water to fill over 5 backyard swimming pools per year. They also divert up to 90% of their waste from landfills through a comprehensive recycling and composting program. Relish Catering recycles plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, grease, cork, and soft plastics. Along with recycling, this caterer has back-of-house composting and quarterly food bank donations to reduce waste.    

Congratulations to Relish Catering for their hard work and commitment to sustainability. We encourage people to check out this Washington D.C. area Certified Green Caterer™. 

Check out Relish Catering on ABC’s Good Morning Washington and their discussion of their certification at timestamp 2:15!  

Learn more about Relish Catering’s sustainability here: 

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