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Green Restaurant Awards Nominees


Most Innovative Restaurant

A Certified Green Restaurant®that has one or more environmental steps that are unique, noteworthy, and exciting.



Ancolie, New York City, NY

Ancolie is a 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® and the first ever Certified Green Restaurant® to exclusively use reusable glass containers for take-out.


The Farm Barn Café, Hillsborough, NJ

The Farm Barn Café is a 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant®with a solar array that offsets 50% of their energy, bioswales to clean runoff from their parking lot, greywater reuse for irrigation, and composting toilets.



Green Leader

An individual in the restaurant industry who is a champion of sustainability at their Certified Green Restaurant®and in the restaurant community.



Stephen Moir, MCVTS Perth Amboy 

Stephen Moir is a culinary instructor at MCVTS Perth Amboy Technical School. Their culinary kitchen is a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®. He included his high school students in the certification process, administers quizzes on restaurant sustainability, and teaches them to cook with local and sustainable ingredients. By incorporating his students into the certification process and beyond, he is educating the next generation about important environmental issues in their future career.


Loren Murphy, Northwestern University

Loren Murphy is the Director of Sustainability Initiatives at Northwestern University. Northwestern University has six Certified Green Restaurant® locations. During the certification process, Loren took a unique approach to educating staff on how to properly recycle and compost by creating a Jeopardy-style game to encourage competition among each location. This proved to be successful and demonstrates a strong commitment to a very important aspect of sustainability: education. 


Erin Chalkley, Farmers Restaurant Group

Erin Chalkley is the Construction & Development Project Manager for the Farmers Restaurant Group, which has five 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® locations. She went above and beyond during the certification process. For example, she had suspicions that their compost hauler was not disposing of their waste properly, and after some research and speaking with others in the compost community, her concerns were validated and she switched haulers. 


Clayton Chapman, The Grey Plume

Clayton Chapman is the head chef at The Grey Plume. The Grey Plume was the first 4 Star SustainaBuild™ Certified Green Restaurant® in the world. Some notable environmental steps he’s taken at his restaurant include: purchasing renewable energy credits, recycled, reused, and Forest Stewardship Council certified furniture and building materials, sustainable uniforms, local and organic food purchases, among many other impressive steps. He was certainly an innovator in the local restaurant community seven years ago when he started with the GRA, and still continues to be to this day.


Sully Callahan, Hunter’s Head Tavern, Gentle Harvest, and Ayrshire Farm

Sully Callahan is the Operations Manager for Ayrshire Farm. Sully has been in charge of the certification of two restaurant locations (Gentle Harvest & Hunter’s Head Tavern) at Ayrshire Farm, and helped Ayrshire Farm become a Green Restaurant Distributor™. Not only is it impressive that he’s involved in different aspects of restaurant sustainability, but he’s also worked incredibly hard to get Gentle Harvest to 4 Star SustainaBuild™ Certified Green Restaurant®status, going as far as changing out the existing urinals to more efficient versions.  



Green Marketing Award

Certified Green Restaurant® which markets their certification in the most effective & creative way.



Café de Boston, Boston, MA

Café de Boston markets their certification in various ways including: decals on every window, a large poster board in their restaurant outlining their energy, water, and waste savings, information on their website, and a video.


Aroma Thyme Bistro, Ellenville, NY

Aroma Thyme Bistro markets their certification in various ways including on their website, company vans, videos, and social media.




Greenest Distributor

A Green Restaurant Distributor™ that carries the most and/or varied products and has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability outside of the products they carry.



Ace Natural

Ace Natural is a New York-based distributor specializing in Certified Organic food products, along with green disposable and chemical products. Their office has LED lighting and they use biodiesel for their trucks.


HT Berry

HT Berry is a Boston-based distributor that offers a large array of green chemical and disposable products. They have solar panels on their headquarters as well.


Ayrshire Farm

Ayrshire Farm is a Virginia based distributor that specializes in Certified Organic & Humane meats. The owner of Ayrshire Farm also has two Certified Green Restaurant®locations.


Imperial Dade

Imperial Dade is a national distributor of green chemical and disposable products. They also have a program called GreenSafe that can help foodservice establishments find sustainable products.


Dole & Bailey

Dole & Bailey is a Massachusetts based distributor. They carry a variety of sustainable seafood, USDA Organic meats, green disposable products, and much more.

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