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  • Michael Oshman

Want to Reduce Waste? Start by Throwing in the Towel

Restaurants throw away approximately 100,000 pounds of waste a year. This number doesn’t just include food waste, but also bottles, cans, straws, packaging, paper products, and much more. Further, restaurant waste isn’t limited to the kitchen and dining areas. In fact, one major culprit is most commonly found in the restrooms: paper towels.

According to the Paperless Project:

  • 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year in the U.S.

  • 20,000 gallons of water are polluted for each ton of paper towels produced

How can your restaurant eliminate this type of waste for good? Invest in a high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer from Excel Dryer. The Green Restaurant Association endorses the following three dryers:

Each of these incomparably sustainable products can reduce a restaurant’s hand-drying carbon footprint by up to 75 percent versus even 100-percent recycled paper towels—and earns 7.5 GreenPoints™ towards becoming a Certified Green Restaurant®. You can determine your own projected savings with Excel Dryer’s easy-to-use, customized calculator.

Not all hand dryers are created equal. You want your hand-drying system to work well, dry quickly, and use the least amount of energy. Commit to a more sustainable future by reducing unnecessary waste and investing in a high-efficiency hand dryer.

To see GRA-Endorsed products from Excel Dryer and all other companies, click here.

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