FLIK Independent School Dining at Trinity School in partnership with the schools facility department has created a program to make our school a greener establishment. We are a K-12 school that is very concernned about conserving energy and we will do all that we can to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. We recycle, compost, we donate food to local organizations and help feed those in need. We focus on serving milk that is free of artificial hormones, we support local farmers, we use no artificial trans fats in anything, our eggs come from cage free hens that are humanely raised, our ground beef is natural, antibiotic and hormone free, our poultry has no routine use of antibiotics or growth hormones and we avoid using any seafood that is identified as threatened or endangered. We will continue in our kitchen and dining room, practices are in place to minimize our eco footprint and we will continue to be green.








Total GreenPoints™


Above are the GreenPoints™ earned in each environmental category. Click here to learn more about the GRA's environmetnal standards and the GreenPoints™ that each environmental step earns for a restaurant.

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