In 2012, we were named the 11th 4-Star Certified Green Restaurant in the world. Pizzeria Rustica was named to both Top-20 and Top-5 list of America's most sustainable restaurants in 2014. We do not use plastic or styrofoam service items. Our straws and cups are made of corn and enter our compost. We use local table linens, recycled butcher paper, and recycled Green Restaurant approved To-Go boxes and pizza boxes.There are no fossil fuel appliances in our kitchen, and 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources (wind, solar, geothermal power). We recycle or compost over 90% of our waste and produce less trash than most local homes. We use low water consumption appliances and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.








Total GreenPoints™


Above are the GreenPoints™ earned in each environmental category. Click here to learn more about the GRA's environmetnal standards and the GreenPoints™ that each environmental step earns for a restaurant.

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