We’re named after Russ Solomon, the founder of Tower Records. Since 1960 and continuing for 40 years, the music stores were hang outs for professional musicians and music lovers alike in all major cities including Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and around the world such as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Ireland, Israel, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. Our food and drinks represent the heart of the New York Jewish delicatessen with a touch of soul added through the street food from international locations to create a menu as diverse as the record selection at Tower. All of our bagels and breads are baked in-house with organic flour from Central Milling, we fry only in non-GMO sunflower oil, and house-smoke our lox and chicken, all sustainably sourced. Solomon’s, just like Tower Records, is a community gathering place where culture and music is celebrated and everyone is welcome.








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