Dining at Microsoft - Puget Sound


Corporate Cafeteria


3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®

Certified Since: 2008

The Green Restaurant Association (GRA) is a national environmental non-profit that helps the restaurant industry become more sustainable in the areas of water, energy, waste, disposables, food, chemicals, and building materials. The GRA to provides a transparent way to measure each restaurant’s environmental accomplishments. 


What does it mean to be a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®? It means that we completed enough environmental steps in the GRA’s seven environmental categories to reach over 175 GreenPoints™. 


Here are some of our notable steps:

  • Energy Star equipment, which is 30-40% more efficient than traditional models

  • Over 48% of our monthly food purchases are vegan

  • Comprehensive recycling and composting program

  • Use of high efficiency pre-rinse sprayers and aerators, which save water and energy

  • No bottled water offered on site

  • No use of polystyrene foam (aka Styrofoam™)

  • Compostable plates, cups, and take out containers