Greenwashing Alert

We are launching this new section to help restaurants avoid greenwashing, which is defined as “Making misleading or empty environmental claims." Greenwashing is prevalent in the restaurant & foodservice industry, so we wanted to share some tips on how to avoid empty buzzwords and misleading products & services. Avoid phrases like "We use organic and local products whenever possible." This is vague. For one restaurant, it might mean that they have 99% organic and local food; for another restaurant, it might mean that they just buy organic tomatoes in the summer. If you have certification by an organization like the Green Restaurant Association, then you can make claims as to the exact percent

The Year of Reusables

This year, I have met with city and state governments across the world about the important topic of shifting our societies towards the use of more reusable items and less single-use (disposable) items. The decades-old adage of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” predates the Green Restaurant Association’s formation in 1990, but its simple wisdom can serve as a clarion call for how the world should use its natural resources. For the past three decades, billions of dollars have been spent on developing sophisticated recycling systems across the globe. In the 1980’s, curbside recycling’s proliferation was but a dream that is now realized in most cities. Young generations have been taught from childhoo

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