Preventing Pollution at Your Restaurant

Air pollution is bad for our planet and it’s even worse for our health. Studies have found that air pollution increases your risk for respiratory problems, dementia, cognitive issues, and much more. In terms of the effect on the environment, different types of air pollution in the atmosphere cause climate change. Restaurants can take concrete steps to reduce their individual air pollution footprint. Use Alternative Transportation According to the EPA, vehicles account for 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in the U.S. If your restaurant uses vehicles of any kind, consider investing in electric vehicles, hybrid, or bio-diesel. If possible, you could also get rid of vehicles altogether and deliv

Green Leader Nominee: Clayton Chapman

Clayton Chapman is the head chef at The Grey Plume. The Grey Plume was the first 4 Star SustainaBuild™ Certified Green Restaurant® in the world. Some notable environmental steps he’s taken at his restaurant include: purchasing renewable energy credits, recycled, reused, and Forest Stewardship Council certified furniture and building materials, sustainable uniforms, local and organic food purchases, among many other impressive steps. He was certainly an innovator in the local restaurant community seven years ago when he started with the GRA, and still continues to be to this day. What sustainability accomplishment makes you most proud? Commitment to authenticity and looking at the big picture

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