Do's and Don'ts of Disposables

While straws have become a popular topic in the restaurant world, we must not forget that there are many other disposable products that are making their way into landfills, or worse, our waterways. Here are tips for finding green disposable products for your restaurant. Disposables Containing Recycled Content Reusables are the best option for the planet. If you find that your restaurant still needs to purchase disposable items, whether it’s take-out containers or napkins, try to purchase products that contain post-consumer recycled materials. Below is a graphic describing various “recycled” terms: Need help finding green disposables for your restaurant? The GRA certifies several products th

Green Leader Nominee: Erin Chalkley

Erin Chalkley is the Construction & Development Project Manager for the Farmers Restaurant Group, which has five 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® locations. She went above and beyond during the certification process. For example, she had suspicions that their compost hauler was not disposing of their waste properly, and after some research and speaking with others in the compost community, her concerns were validated and she switched haulers. What sustainability accomplishment makes you most proud? Teaching the waste stream class at the opening of our Founding Farmers Reston location this last Spring. It was wonderful to see how sharing a little information on the status of the waste indu

Green Leader Nominee: Stephen Moir

Stephen Moir is a Culinary Instructor at MCVTS Perth Amboy Technical School and is a nominee for the Green Leader category in the 2018 Green Restaurant Awards. MCVTS Perth Amboy's culinary kitchen is a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®. He included his high school students in the certification process, administers quizzes on restaurant sustainability, and teaches them to cook with local and sustainable ingredients. By incorporating his students into the certification process and beyond, he is educating the next generation about important environmental issues in their future career. Learn more about Stephen and his enviornmental accomplishments below. What sustainability accomplishment makes

Sustainable Recipe Series: Grilled Eggplant “Caprese” with Rainbow Chard Tomatillo Salsa Verde

This recipe is from A Thyme to Cook, a 3 Star Certified Green Caterer™ located in Connecticut. Most of these ingredients are from their on-site garden! “Caprese” Ingredients 2 Black Eggplant 2 White Eggplant 2 Heirloom Tomatoes 6 Chives, cut on a bias Orange Scented Pickled Tomatoes (See Recipe Below) Rainbow Swiss Chard & Tomatillo Salsa Verde (See Recipe Below) Allium Scented Black Lava Salt Dust (See Recipe Below) Slice eggplants on a bias. Lightly coat with olive oil and grill for 1-2 minutes per side. Slice heirlooms to ¼” thickness. Alternately shingle white eggplant, tomato and black eggplant in a criss cross pattern. Garnish tomatoes with chives. Lay salsa verde right down t

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