3 Ways Restaurants Can Support Sustainable Fisheries

Fisheries are expected to collapse by 2050 if we do not start to consume sustainable seafood. This potential collapse is being caused by a variety of issues such as overfishing, bycatch, and poor fisheries management. This has caused 57% of the fish species to be fully exploited, meaning the fish are being caught at the same rate of reproduction and any further increase will lead to overfishing. For our oceans to recover, it’s important that everyone, especially restaurant decision-makers, commit to making more sustainable seafood choices. Here’s a great video about different fishing methods, farmed fish vs. wild fish, and how to support sustainable fisheries: So, what can restaurants do? 1.

Sustainable Recipe Series: Bamboo Sushi

As we cover sustainable seafood this month, here's a recipe from one of our Certified Green Restaurants® that uses sustainable seafood, Bamboo Sushi. The Sustainable Restaurant Group, which Bamboo Sushi is a part of, has five Certified Green Restaurant® locations. At their newest location, Quickfish Poke Bar, over 50% of their seafood is considered sustainable, and they serve no red-listed seafood. Check out the recipe for Shrimp and Seaweed Salad below. Sustainably caught shrimp and seaweed make this a delicious and eco friendly meal! Seaweed is a very sustainable source of food, as it requires no land, no fresh water, and no fertilizers or pesticides. Ingredients: 6 each medium sized shell

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